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 To all the friends,     

          We want to let everybody know that on Tuesday, March 31st to Friday, April 3rd 2015  K.Grant Publishing will be closed.You will still be able to order online but your order will not be processed until next week. We are doing this so that our employees will get a chance to participate on the last week of campaigning for the memorial. We will also be able to prepare our minds and hearts for the memorial this Friday. All orders from last week has been shipped except for orders with back orders and out of stock items. We want to thank you for your understanding and Hope you have a wonderful week. 

Love from your brothers and sisters at,

K. Grant Publishing


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Family and Friends

            We are approaching another service year. We want to thank you for all your love and support! Because of your referrals we have been able to reach friends in countries as far away as Norway, Russia and Malta just to name a few. Your kind words have been encouraging to us. We look forward to continuing to serve you for another service year. We are especially excited that great new items are coming soon. We really appreciate all the feedback we are getting. We are working hard to try to catch up with the demand for our popular items and colors. Thank you all and may Jehovah bless your efforts in your ministry. 

From your brothers and sisters at

K. Grant Publishing

SKIRTS August 16 2014, 8 Comments

  Hello Sisters,   

             Shopping for a modest skirt is not easy. As one of Jehovahs witnesses we want to make sure that the length of our skirts upholds Jehovahs standards (1 Tim 2:9,10). We sometimes have to tailor our skirt to make sure it has a proper length. Either too short too long.

            If you are looking in to buy a new skirt we got you covered. We notice that more and more women are wearing a specific skirt that is going on trend. Its called "Midi Skirt" its a skirt (reaching below the knee or mid calf)..We are seeing more and more at the stores lately. Sample pic is below



         If you shop online, We gathered some budget friendly skirts especially for pioneers  to help you shop for your next skirts. Just click the link of the skirt you are interested in and it will connect you to the store. They are from $40 or less skirts. Midi Skirts are for all ages 20s,30s,40s, some can pull it off 50s. 


                                      PLUS SIZE  


Style&co. Plus Size Sleeveless Lace-Trim Top • Style&co. • $9.99
Style&co. Striped-Front Maxi Skirt • Style&co. • $17.99
Style&co. Plus Size Geometric-Print Maxi Skirt • Style&co. • $23.99
Style&co. Plus Size Maxi Skirt • Style&co. • $32.99
Style&co. Plus Size Printed Maxi Skirt • Style&co. • $28.99
Style&co. Plus Size Chevron Maxi Skirt • Style&co. • $18.99

If you have any suggestions or want us to help you find a specific products please let us know. Happy Shopping!

Are you ready for the beach? June 24 2013, 2 Comments


Are you going to the beach this summer? 
          Here's a tip!

             Bring your magazine folder with you and                               "Preach on the beach!"    

Clever idea for informal witnessing January 20 2013, 3 Comments

Service Ideas 

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